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The EPS Emmy Noether Distinction 2022 was presented to outstanding physicists

Monika Ritsch-Marte, from the Medical University of Innsbruck, and Ilaria Zardo, from the University of Basel, received the EPS Emmy Noether Distinction 2022 from Petra Rudolf, chair of the EPS Equal Opportunities Committee. The award ceremony took place during the joint annual meeting of the Swiss and Austrian Physical Societies in Basel in early September. 

EU-UK agreement on Horizon Europe and Copernicus

On 7th September 2023, the European Commission and the United Kingdom reached a political agreement on the UK's participation in Horizon Europe, the EU's research and innovation programme, and Copernicus, the EU's world-leading Earth observation programme.


Nicola Bianchi elected EPS Fellow 2023

During the EPS Council 2023, Nicola Bianchi, research director at INFN and Diplomatic Counsellor for Science & Technology, Italian Embassy in Singapore, was elected EPS Fellow 2023.

He was honoured "for his outstanding contributions to the European Physical Society - Nuclear Physics Division", which he served as chair from 2018 to 2019. 

EPS HEPPD prizes 2023

Cosmological survey collaborations honoured by the Coconni Prize 2023 from the High Energy Particle Physics Division of the European Physical Society.

Read the article published by the University of Waterloo here.

View the complete list of laureates of the EPS HEPPD prizes 2023 on the division's website.

World-renowned scientists begin long-term research stays at GSI/FAIR

Three world-renowned scientists are currently spending long-term research stays at GSI and FAIR and its partner universities in Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

News from EUROfusion

You will find here the latest news from EUROfusion, an EPS Associate Member:

Start of last experimental campaign at Europe's record-setting fusion facility JET

Germany invests 1 billion Euro in fusion research

Discovery Space: Using AI to support students in digital and virtual laboratories

The EPS is a partner in the Erasmus+ project Discovery Space.

News from AYIMI: International tournaments in 2023

You will find here the report on IYPT in Pakistan and on 2nd International ISAC Olympiad, two competitions for young participants.

AYIMI is an EPS Associate Member.

ESO: Furthest ever detection of a galaxy’s magnetic field

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have detected the magnetic field of a galaxy so far away that its light has taken more than 11 billion years to reach us: we see it as it was when the Universe was just 2.5 billion years old.

On the track of elusive neutrinos

Neutrinos are ubiquitous elementary particles that interact only very weakly with normal matter. Therefore, they usually penetrate it unhindered and are therefore also called ghost particles. Nevertheless, neutrinos play a predominant role in the early universe. In order to fully explain how our universe evolved, we need above all to know their mass. But so far, it has not been possible to determine this mass.

Science on Stage: Quantum Computing in STEM Education

Science on Stage is the European network for STEM teachers focusing on the exchange of best practice teaching ideas.

One of its activities is bringing highly relevant topics and new technologies to the classroom by developing teaching materials from teachers for teachers.

Events and dates

4th EPS TIG Hands-on Event for Science, Technology and Interfaces
The conference will take place at IdeaSquare, CERN, on 13th-15th October 2023.

4th EPS Conference on Gravitation: Black Holes
The conference will take place in Valencia, Spain, from 13th-15th November 2023.

EPS Activities in 2023
Click here for the list of the activities of the EPS Executive Committee and the EPS Staff.

EPN 54-4

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