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2021 prizes of the EPS SNPD

The 2021 prizes of the EPS Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division are announced! Discover the names of the winners of the 2021 EPS Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Prize and the 2021 EPS-SNPD Early Career prize.

IOP-EPS code of conduct workshop

IOP & EPS Code of Conduct workshop

In May 2021, the IOP hosted a workshop with European member mocieties, sponsored by the European Physical Society (EPS) on creating and developing a code of conduct.

EPS Young Minds section Catania

PCTO: The EPS Young Minds section Catania adventure with high school students.

AMOPD Young Scientist Prize

The call for nominations for the Young Scientist Prize of the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Division (AMOPD) of the EPS is open.

In memoriam Claudine Hermann (1945 - 2021)

On the 17th of July 2021, Claudine Hermann passed away at the age of 75 in Villejuif (France).

The EPS meets JINR in Dubna

JINR is an EPS Associate Member.

The European Physical Society cooperates with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.

News from IPPLM

IPPLM is an EPS Associate Member.

Numerical studies of laser-driven ion beams necessary for ion fast ignition of DT fuel, and useful for other specific applications.

Research news from EUROfusion

The European Physical Society and e-EPS are pleased to share the latest news for EUROfusion, an EPS Associate Member.

Learning with the ITER robotics, breeding fusion fuel and bursting artificial solar flares.

Everyday physics

Unusual insights into familiar things

This is a physics book like you’ve never seen before: accessible and fun – perfect for anyone, young or old, who has a healthy dose of curiosity.

Master degree programme

Start of the joint international Master degree programme "Advanced Methods in Particle Physics".

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Symposium

The public Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Symposium is planned as a face-to-face event on 18 September 2021 at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Generation Earthshot

Generation Earthshot invites students aged 10-15 and teachers from all around the world to join in with the mission of The Earthshot Prize to discover the best solutions to help repair our planet.

The free teacher toolkit will inspire big ideas to tackle the five ‘Earthshot’ goals using a flexible framework for creative problem solving and the opportunity to share ideas with others.

Events and important dates

Particles and Nuclei International Conference 2021
Online event from 5-10 September 2021.

3rd EPS conference "Statistical Physics of Complex Systems"
On-site at ICTP/SISSA Trieste and online, from 8-10 September 2021.

"Rencontres Physique-Entreprises-Recherche"
17 September 2021, Paris.

EPS Activities
Activities of the EPS Executive Committee and the EPS Staff in 2021.


Volume 133, Number 5, February 2021.

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